Robo Wellness

Count how good you feel instead of calories.


Robo Wellness is for people looking to feel better through a whole food diet.

You may have been diagnosed with an autoimmune diseases and/or digestive related problem (Crohn's disease, Celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, IBD, IBS, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, interstitial cystitis, multiple sclerosis) or you may just be feeling run down and looking to feel better through diet.

Diet can be a powerful healer but everyone is different. Different diets and different foods work for different people and you need help tracking and understanding what works and what doesn't.

That's where Robo Wellness comes in! Just track what you eat and how you feel and our algorithm (we call her Robo) and tools will help you connect the dots. Think of it as a food journal with Artificial Intelligences attached to it.

The Algorithm (aka Robo)

Robo is here to look for patterns in what you eat and how you feel after you eat. But she's smarter than your average bot. She'll also look for themes across foods. Don't feel good after having a high histamine meal? Don't fret Robo has you covered and will see the pattern even if you've never heard of a 'high histamine' meal before. When she thinks she sees a pattern she'll let you know!

Tools To Track Your Wellness

Because we all need help understanding what makes us feel good and not so good


Research foods and learn about their attributes and what diets they are allowed on in one location (no more googling for hours!).

Food Attributes Covered

  • Fructose Levels
  • Lactose Levels
  • Fructan Levels
  • Galactan Levels
  • Polyol Levels
  • Histamine Levels
  • Salicylate Levels

Diets Covered

  • Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)
  • Paleo Diet
  • Paleo w/ Autoimmune Protocol Diet
  • Gluten-Free Diet
  • Grain-Free Diet

Food research image

Track Your Foods & Feelings

Log meal image

Quick and simple ways to enter what you eat and how you feel. Great tools to see trends over time.

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Search & Export Your Log

Track down any items or notes in your log with our easy search. You can also export your entire log anytime you want.

Log meal image

Log meal image

Track Hypotheses & Take Notes

Keep everything organized with our hypotheses and note tracking tools. Add your notes or comment on a hypotheses from Robo and automatically save it all off in the cloud.

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Of course our site is responsive and works on your desktop and mobile devices so no matter where you are you can access the site.

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Privacy & Security

We take your data seriously and we've designed our systems so that no identifying information is stored on our servers. All of your information like the foods you eat or how you feel are linked to a random string of numbers and letters that is your ID. If you decide to make any purchases, critical information such as your email and credit card are handled by Stripe and we leverage OpenID to handle login so all we end up with is a jumble of letters and numbers to identify and that's all we keep.


It's free! Sign up and get access to all our research, features and tools.

Wellness Professionals

We offer Wellness Professionals an array of tools that help you work with your clients

Tools for Wellness Professionals

Because paper forms are so 1999

Invite New Clients

Send clients professional welcome emails for them to use Robo Wellness with you.

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A Dashboard Just For You

See the high-level picture of all of your clients in one place. Keep up to date on new clients you've invited and the latest information on your current clients.

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View Your Client's Log

No more paper food and feeling logs! See what's going on with your clients in real-time. See what they are eating and how they are feeling.

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Upload & Share Documents

Upload your documents, images, PDFs (really any file you want) and we'll generate a publically avaliable URL for you to send to your clients. This is a great way to provide digital access to handouts without having to always provide a paper copy.

View Sample Doc

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Privacy & Security

You and your client's information is serious to us and we've designed our systems so that no identifying information is stored on our servers. Your information and your client's information is linked to a random string of numbers and letters that is your ID. This ID is generated by OpenID when you log in so all we end up with is a jumble of letters and numbers to identify you and that's all we keep. All billing information is handled by Stripe. Stripe is a widely used payment processing service and they handle all billing for us. We don't store any of your credit card information on our servers.

Your clients must agree to allow a Wellness Professional access to view their log information and clients have the ability to remove a Wellness Professional's access privileges at any time they wish.


  • 30 day free trial, after that it's $10 per month
  • It's always free for your clients
  • Unlimited number of clients (invite everyone!)
  • Cancel at any time